About us

Secuiryt & Building Automation

We have on parade, world-class hi-tech security equipment, manufactured to meet all well-recognized military and civil standards (US-MIL-STDs and ISO). We guarantee our products and treat each of our clients as an equal partner.

Comittment to Superior Quality and Result

We are an indigenous company based in Lagos, Nigeria, with world-class knowledge and internationally trained personnel in the area of security, and home automation design, deployment, optimization, and support. Originally a CCTV and security installation company, we innovated into a complete integrated security systems solution provider and a special focus on Automation and Control.

Our alliance with hi-tech security equipment manufacturing companies all around the world, with over 30 years of experience, gives us the edge in deploying and delivering customized building safety solutions in over 20 states in Nigeria where our operations have expanded to.

Our Vision

To be the top-class automation, security and SIP Intercom solution provider for residential and commerial building in West Africa by 2030.

Our Mission

To provide exceptional customer satisfactory enhacing a sense of safety, comfort and convenience all at cost effective rates.

Our Process

Our robust but simple process is segmented into five unique classifications

1. Analysis

Project analysis carried out ealier gives a firsthand and better view of what is, what needs to be and how to get a client satisfactory end result. Our trained consultants, carry out a complete asseeement and arrive at a full solution for your project.

2. Design

Project analysis reports and end-user needs will be guiding principle for our expert designers and security integrators as they establish a customized, graphical CDA design for your facility.

3. Development

All our installations are carried out by BICSI trained individauls in accordance with ISO/IEC codes and standards. Our trained installers carry out a final site inspection which also includes the study of the site diagrams i.e electrical, telecommunication, plumbing and structural drawings.

4. Optimization

We offer a full user optimization policy that empowers major stakeholders on the use of every installed project. Training on the full use of the installed solutions is carried out so that the end-user is well abreast of the installed technology and also can maximize the use.

5. Support/Maintenance

We provide a continuous maintenance scheme and after sales support for every installation we undertake. We also offer onsite and virtual support on all project. Maintenance is subject to terms and condition.