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Automation and Security Solutions

We implement a complete integration of different building elements and appliances ranging through security, lighting, intercoms, shading, HVAC, music, and entertainment all to create a perfect required ambiance, effortless control, and enhancement of the sense of safety within our building.


Complete and integrated smart home experience. Being smart means your home somehow knows what you need and takes care of you. With tailor-made solutions that connect your lights, curtains, air conditioners, and other devices into the system and allows you to control them on a mobile phone, tablet, or wall panel.


Need a smart system solution designed for commercial buildings that enable users to control and manage lighting, shading, HAVC, security systems, and more while also improving energy-saving, efficiency, and occupant comfort.

Adopt our full automation solutions for your commercial buildings and effectively realize management and control of heating, lighting, ventilation, audio, shading, security, and other features.


With hotel accommodations, guests want to experience self-service hospitality solutions like room bookings, check-ins, and check-outs. Our Smart Hotel Solutions is beyond having a smart TV or a smart home theatre system in the room. From the installation of electrical appliances like TV, Fridge, Airt Conditioner to Coffee machine to the central lighting system, everything is interconnected. Smart Hotel automation technology enables every smart device to communicate with each other and gives the best experience to every stakeholder making client testimonials great feedback to look forward to. We help you deliver a world-class in0room experience to guests without even touching or moving your finger. This solution has proven equally fruitful for hotels in terms of energy efficiency and sustainable use of resources.

Home Cinema

The dream home cinema room your family desire, with the perfect acoustic, THX-certified sound, magically automated lighting system, most comfortable furniture, large screen to draw all your attention, all integrated with the all-powerful IRIDIUM intelligent and software is possible with our home cinema solution from us.